Sister Laurie! You will be with him forever

by Shabbir Ahmed, Florida, Tuesday, November 27, 2012, 18:13 (2370 days ago) @ Shabbir Ahmed

I have known the Hamdanis living the Qur'an, so, Respected Sister! Grieve not. You will be together again, eternally.

52:17 Those who chose to live upright, dwell in Gardens and in bliss.

52:18 Delighted in what their Sustainer has bestowed upon them. And their Sustainer has guarded them against the torment of the Blazing Fire.

52:19 Enjoy life, eat and drink happily for what you used to do.

52:20 Relaxing on well-decorated couches - And We will match them with neat companions, most beautiful of vision.

52:21 And those who attained belief, and whose children followed them in belief, We shall unite them with their children. We shall not let any of their deeds go to waste. Every human will be held responsible for his own doings. [Being the progeny of righteous ancestors alone will be of no avail. 74:38. Raheen = Held as pledge = Collateral]

52:22 And We shall bestow on them the fruits and the delicacies of their choice. [Lahmim-maa-yashtahoon = Literally, meat such as they desire = Delicacies of their choice]

52:23 And therein they pass from hand to hand cups of delicious drinks that cause no idle talk nor a hangover. [Ithm = Any action that hurts human potential or dignity, hangover, harming the ‘self’, dragging down]

52:24 And their children like pearls, playful, happy around them. [13:23, 52:21, 59:17]

52:25 They will socialize and reminisce among themselves (recalling how the previous life was).

52:26 They will say, "We were kind and humble amidst our families.”

52:27 So God has graced us and guarded us against the suffering of scorching winds of requital.

52:28 Truly, We always used to call upon Him (for help and guidance). He is the Source of progress in societies, Merciful." [Birr = Making room for others to make progress]

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