Brother Jawaid Ahmed...HudHud was not a bird...?

by jawaid ahmed,uk @, Monday, January 21, 2013, 13:46 (2315 days ago) @ Prof. Dawud Muusaa

Glad we are up and running again.

No, Hud Hud was not a bird. I reasoned it out like this:-

Ask yourself if birds speak like human beings.
Ask yourself if birds have vocal chords.
Ask yourself if they have brains capable of thought which a Messenger may have ‘telepathetically’ read.
Ask yourself if birds speak then we have to suspend our logical, reasoning minds and believe in ‘miracles’.
Ask yourself why a Queen of the valley of ants [al-naml] is turned into an ant Queen.
Ask yourself why we call someone ‘bird brained’ to show their stupidity.
Ask yourself why we cannot believe in a person named after his tribe.

I also read the following which is taken from the Dictionary of the Quran by G.A Parwez.
Heh, daal, daal

Al-hudhud: the piegion who makes a lot of noise: any bird which speaks too much: it also means a particular bird: * but the hudhud mentioned in the tale of Hazrat Suleman was an officer of his army: 27:20 in those days men and even tribes were named after birds: this continues till today among the Christians: the names Fox and Lamb can still be found in abundance: even among the Hindus names like Tota Ram (Parrot Ram) and Chuhamal (Rat Mal) are still found: the Lissanul Arb says that jadahid was the name of a Yemeni tribe: and the Tajul Uroos says that hadad was the name of a king of Hameer who was a contemporary of Hazrat Suleman: al-hud hud in the Qur’an has appeared along with alif, and laam: this leads one to think that this was not the name of a man but he was so called in respect of his tribe.

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