Continuation of Messengers( Rusuls)

by jawaid ahmed @, Tuesday, January 29, 2013, 17:47 (2307 days ago) @ Fatima

There are some that use the messenger as a generic term to mean any person spreading the message of the Quran to humanity; whenever you present a Quranic verse you become a messenger [rasul]. I do not like this downgrading of the term. Some say that receiving wahi has ceased [messengers] but prophets have not and will come for all communities for all times, hence Ghulam Ahmed Mirza, Rashad Khalifa etc,. As I have shown from my ‘past tense’ outburst, they usually mistranslate the verses of the Quran to include the future when the correct tense is past, hence no new messengers or rasuls after Muhammad.

To my reading of the Quran the terms rasul and nabi are interlinked which means that you cannot be a true message giver [rasul] without receiving a message from Allah [nabi]. Anyone claiming to be a rasul starts spreading their own nonsense, just read GA Mirza or R.Khalifa to see how they still say God gave them some knowledge!

I have an article on nabi and rasul which I will try to find and post.

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