Yousuf had lofty dreams?

by Harriss, Canada, Sunday, March 10, 2013, 04:58 (2264 days ago)

Salaam all,

I am intrigued by these verses and would love to hear some of your thoughts on it.

Ch. 12 v. 6:

Thus spoke Joseph to his father, "O My father! I saw in a dream eleven stars, and the sun, and the moon, I saw them prone themselves to me!"

Ch. 12 v. 100:

He raised his parents upon the throne of honor. All those present bowed to him in
respect (to let his parents see the honor God had given their son). Joseph said,
“O My father! This is how my Lord has made my dream come true. He has been
very kind to me, since He freed me from the prison, and He has brought you here
from the village. Satan (selfishness of my brothers) had sown enmity between us
brothers. My Lord is Unfathomable in the ways He carries out His will. For, He
is the Knower, the Wise.”

My thoughts:

This dream that Joseph had, I would assume it was not a dream one has while asleep, but Joseph had from an early age a lofty vision/aspiration/goal - a dream like what Martin L. King Jr. described perhaps.

Now concerning the application of this verse:

Shouldn't we encourage ourselves and children to dream and to dream big?

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