by Fadil @, Yaounde-Cameroon (Africa), Sunday, July 21, 2013, 00:18 (2135 days ago) @ Dr Kamilaa Noor, MD

Dear Dr Kamilaa Noor
Thank you very much for bringing back brother Jawaid Ahmed post on Saum. Unfortunately, the brother is a life miracle to me. I really don’t understand why he keeps flipping between Tradition and Quran. Sometimes, he is vehemently against TRADITION (e.g., Salaat) and in other instances, he is a full-range TRADITION lover (e.g., Saum). This inconsistency makes me feel as if some people are here to defend what suit their desires.
The following is a quote from his post: Why do we throw out one aspect of what is traditionally understood as saum, the not eating and drinking part, and not see it as one part of a character building exercise?
I will really appreciate if brother Jawaid elaborates more on this. His point is not fully supported and convincing.
I am really learning from the forum and I am very grateful to all of you
Salamun alaykum

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