by Damon, Pennsylvania, USA, Thursday, July 25, 2013, 14:18 (2132 days ago) @ jawaid ahmed,uk

Dear Brother Jawaid, Thank You For Your Reply.

It does not have to say ‘do not eat during daylight hours’ because it has already said ‘eat and drink UNTIL...’ which means not to eat after the twin threads appear to you.

Brother, I'm afraid that it DOES have to say "DO NOT eat and drink during the day" OR "REFRAIN/ABSTAIN/CEASE from eating and drinking during the day".

If you really insist that 2/187 is to be understood in the manner that you do understand it, then I must insist that you or someone else here produce just one verse from The Quran that starts with one topic, goes into a totally different and unrelated topic in the middle of the verse and then goes back to the original topic towards the end of the verse because that is what you are saying 2/187 does. Your belief is that 2/187 begins with the topic of intimacy between a man and a woman, then it tells the believers to fast in the middle of the verse and then goes back to talking about intimacy between a man and a woman at the end of the verse. This is very strange for me.

As far as I can tell, EVERY AYAT in The Quran address one thing from beginning to end. I have yet to see any verse which addresses two or more unrelated topics. Are you saying that out of more than 6,000 verses of The Quran only 2/187 fits this pattern? Why only one verse out of well over 6,000? And how unclear would it be for ANY VERSE of The Quran to address two or more totally unrelated topics? How does eating and drinking or not eating and drinking fit in the context of nightly relations between a man and a woman? And just so I am clear, I do not believe 2/187 is addressing intimate relations between a man and a woman either, I am merely pointing out the wholes in the N2I understanding.

Now we have the metaphorical meaning of eating and drinking, reading and studying the Quran [manna from heaven, rivers for Moses, table spread for Jesus etc]. When this is done we should address the problems we are facing. When we understand what the Quran asks us to do we then get off our proverbial behinds and do something about it until the problems are solved [the sunset, the end of the problem].

The metaphorical meaning of eating and drinking in 2/187 can ONLY be metaphorical. It cannot be literal. The Arabic word for food, which is Ta'am, is not even mentioned in this verse although it is mentioned elsewhere in The Quran.

Again, I feel I should reiterate that the COMMAND to not eat and drink or refrain from eating and drinking could have very, very easily been given in The Quran. Very easily. And such a command would be 100% clear and leave no room whatsoever for misunderstandings or misinterpretations. If Such a clear and straightforward command was given in the Quran, you and I would not be able to have this conversation as to whether or not this is what The Quran is ordering us to do.

I partly agree with you that we are to get off our rear ends and do something about the darkness we are living in (Al-Layl) and implement The Quranic program to end that "Darkness" and bring about the "Dawn" of change (Al-Fajr).

I am going to sleep until 6 am. I do not have to say that I am not sleeping in order for you to know that I will be awake after 6am.

If you really believe The Quran is telling you to literally eat food and drink liquids for a certain period of time, then please explain 19/26 to me. I am asking for an explanation of 19/26 as well as any other verses of The Quran which have the same pattern of your perceived understanding of 2/187; i.e. a verse which talks about two totally different and unrelated subjects.

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