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In response to Damon's post, the following is from an Arabic linguist.

This is simply a play with words and unfounded.


" [literally: annexation, addition, or attachment] Possessive/Relative Phrase-"the Construct"

It is a co-relation between two nouns. In this phrase the idea of a noun is determined or defined by another.

It is of two kinds:

(1) Relating to meaning: It is that the Mudaf is not an adjective annexed to a word it governs. The benefit of this idahfa is the definition of mudaf if it is annexed to a definite noun. The benefit is specification if it is annexed to an indefinite noun.
(2) Literal: It is that the Mudhaf is an adjective annexed to a word it governs in estimation of separation between words.

شهر رمضان: It is a Relative Phrase. The first noun is definite because of the second noun which is the Proper name of a month of lunar calendar. The first noun is the subject of sentence; "The month of Ramazan" and the following sentence is its predicate. " The month of Ramadan is the month during which the Qur'aan was compositely; flash descended."

No Arab except for someone without knowledge will say: الشهر اسمه رمضان. Translation: The Month Whose Name Is Ramadaan. Arabs hate using redundant words; شهر رمضان is the succinct expression."

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