by Damon, Pennsylvania, USA, Tuesday, July 30, 2013, 19:18 (2121 days ago) @ Amir Aslam

Mr. Amir Aslam, your entire post is invalid for two very important reasons

First reason is that the Idafa of material (Annexer/Annexed) is covered in more than Arabic Grammar book. It is not a mere play of words as you wish to believe. It is an actual rule of Arabic Grammar which you cannot refute with a mere statement of rejection. You will need to provide an Arabic Grammar source which refutes this grammatical construct or proves that it is a bogus rule. You merely say that you got your information from An Arab Linguist. Who is this Arab Linguist? Where is he or she? What Grammar books has he or she written that I can verify? What school or university is he or she an Arabic Linguistic professor of? I have said it to Mr. Hasan and I am repeating it to you; no one here can logically accept your information at face value. Your information, just like everything else, must be researched and verified as per 17:36

شهر رمضان: It is a Relative Phrase. The first noun is definite because of the second noun which is the Proper name of a month of lunar calendar.

I most thoroughly disagree with this unproven assertion; specifically the part that is underlined and in bold. NONE OF THE ARABIC DICTIONARIES/LEXICONS state that the word Ramadan is a proper name. And if it is a proper name the dictionaries could have and would have stated so just like they state the names Musa, Maryam, Zazharia, etc. are PROPER NAMES. So what, did THEY ALL somehow MISS this one?

The first noun is the subject of sentence; "The month of Ramazan" and the following sentence is its predicate.

Well, I already said this, so your Arab Linguist friend is not saying anything I did not already cover.

No Arab except for someone without knowledge will say: الشهر اسمه رمضان. Translation: The Month Whose Name Is Ramadaan. Arabs hate using redundant words; شهر رمضان is the succinct expression

Reading these words of yours make it painfully obvious to me that you are not reading my arguments OR you lack sufficient Arabic knowledge to understand, accept or reject my arguments.

الشهر اسمه رمضان IS NOT and indeed CANNOT be a redundancy because the phrase شهر رمضان IS NOT and again CANNOT be a phrase in which the second noun (Ramadan) is THE PROPER NAME of the first noun (Shahru). It is either an idafa of description or a phrase indicating the PROPER NAME of something. It absolutely, 100% CANNOT be both. It can ONLY be one or the other, so which one is it? ALSO the damma above the last letter in the word Shahru lets us know that something is being DESCRIBED and NOT giving the proper name of something. Your entire argument is weak and invalid and only shows your lack of Arabic Grammatical knowledge.

I can make it a little easier for you. If I do not know the name of a particular month (or anything for that matter), how would you tell me the name of that month in Arabic? If I ask you "What is The name of the 4th month of the so-called Islamic Calendar?", how would you inform me about its name?

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