by Damon, Pennsylvania, USA, Tuesday, July 30, 2013, 19:37 (2127 days ago) @ Amir Aslam

This DOES NOT answer my request. You missed it entirely.

مْرَأَةُ عِمْرَانَ is an idafa construct showing a relationship of possession. This construct IS NOT one in which the second noun ('Imraan) is the PROPER NAME of the first noun (Maraa'a). You missed it entirely.

The traditional belief is that the phrase "Shahru Ramadaan" literally means "The Month of Ramadaan" (thus, an idafa) while at the same time believing that Ramadaan is the proper name of Shahr in this very same phrase (thus, a phrase of identity). I'm trying my best to get you to understand that this phrase CANNOT BE BOTH an idafa AND a phrase of identification. I can absolutely assure you that in Arabic a phrase ABSOLUTELY CANNOT be an Idafa AND a phrase of identification AT THE EXACT SAME TIME. It can only be ONE or THE OTHER!!

You obviously believe the phrase "Shahru Ramadan" is an idafa (because of the word OF in the translation of this phrase) as well being a phrase of identification otherwise you wouldn't be here defending that belief. So I'm going to repeat my challenge which you have failed to meet:

Show me a phrase either from The Quran or An Arabic Grammar Book or A Written Arabic Text or A Spoken Arabic Text that is an Idafa AS WELL AS a phrase of identity at the same time. You will never be able to meet this challenge because I already know that no such thing exists in Arabic.

مْرَأَةُ عِمْرَانَ was a very poor attempt because 'Imraan is obviously not the name of 'Imraan's wife. The noun 'Imraan IS NOT THE PROPER NAME of the noun
Maraa'a. It is, however, an idafa of possession/relation. But as you can see (I hope) it is NOT both. Bring me something that is both.

I hope you understand now.

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