by Amir Aslam, UAE, Wednesday, July 31, 2013, 01:29 (2156 days ago) @ Damon

No sorry Damon, but I think you are missing the point and are inventing 'challenges' and picking and choosing what you want to.

On page 1157 V3 of Edward lanes lexicon, 1st column, it says that 'shahru ramzan' is the ninth of the Arabian months.

Now my question to you is WHY do you appeal to some grammar books and reject other dictionaries? Are you not playing with dictionary / lexicon sources to suit yourself? Why can you not accept that a dictionary clearly states that instead of looking for 'other' grammar books to disprove it?

Sorry, but I find your method very inconsistent. Its simply picking and choosing. Also Arabic words had meanings before 'grammar books' were written.

I also hope that you now understand!

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