by Damon, Pennsylvania, USA, Wednesday, July 31, 2013, 03:16 (2121 days ago) @ Amir Aslam

No sorry Damon, but I think you are missing the point and are inventing 'challenges' and picking and choosing what you want to.

Oh really? How so? Please explain.

On page 1157 V3 of Edward lanes lexicon, 1st column, it says that 'shahru ramzan' is the ninth of the Arabian months.

Your point? Most of The Arabic Dictionaries (such as page 6 of Abdul Mannan Omar's Dictionary of The Holy Quran) List the Arabic word "Ibraheem" as a PROPER NAME. The traditionalists CLAIM that Ramadan is a PROPER NAME; specifically the PROPER NAME of a particular month of the year. All I am saying is that many Arabic Dictionaries I have perused list the term "Proper Name" under many headings but I haven't come across a dictionary that uses those two words (PROPER and NAME) under the heading for Ramadan. I am not saying there is no such dictionary, I am asking that someone would be kind enough to point me in the direction of one that does. Now please tell me how is that picking and choosing.

Something else you need to know before this conversation goes any further; The so-called name of Ramadan for one of the 12 months of the year has its origins in the so-called Islamic Calendar which itself comes from the so-called Seerah of Muhammad which I categorically reject on the same grounds that I reject ahadith. Just so you know.

Now my question to you is WHY do you appeal to some grammar books and reject other dictionaries?

What kind of silly question is that???? Look at what I had underlined in your quote above. A Grammar book is a grammar book and a dictionary is a dictionary. Why are YOU trying to lump the two together? Picking and choosing would be accepting one grammar book and rejecting other grammar books or accepting one dictionary while rejecting other dictionaries. I only asked about DICTIONARIES concerning Ramadan being listed as a proper name, not grammar books. And I only asked about GRAMMAR BOOKS concerning the dual function of Shahru Ramadan being an idafa as well as a phrase of identity, not dictionaries.

Are you not playing with dictionary / lexicon sources to suit yourself? Why can you not accept that a dictionary clearly states that instead of looking for 'other' grammar books to disprove it?

See my reply above.

Sorry, but I find your method very inconsistent. Its simply picking and choosing. Also Arabic words had meanings before 'grammar books' were written.

I also hope that you now understand!

SORRY, but your liking or disliking of my method does not substitute for you answering the questions I have asked in this thread. And by the way, I don't rely on dictionaries (let alone 'grammar books') to ascertain the meanings of Quranic Terms and Concepts. The Final Authority for Lexical Meanings and Grammar rests with The Quran and Quran Alone as it is the FIRST ever Arabic Document from which we ascertain Quranic Lexicon and Grammar.

I hope You now understand!!

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