by Amir Aslam, UAE, Wednesday, July 31, 2013, 11:57 (2125 days ago) @ Damon

Sorry Damon but I find your tone arrogant and patronizing. Here is an example:

"Reading these words of yours make it painfully obvious to me that you are not reading my arguments OR you lack sufficient Arabic knowledge to understand, accept or reject my arguments."

Please can you refrain.

Do you not see that you are using the same sources OUTSIDE THE QURAN to make your case and in other posts you suggest that you only follow the Quran?

Where are the grammar rules in the Quran Damon?

Do you not know that these rules were formalized much later?

Do you not see that your method is inconsistent where it argues from grammar books written by human hands, the same hands that wrote hadith mind you! and then you reject dictionaries where the meaning of 'Ramazan' is known to be a calendar month?

With regarding your comment -

"I can make it a little easier for you. If I do not know the name of a particular month (or anything for that matter), how would you tell me the name of that month in Arabic? If I ask you "What is The name of the 4th month of the so-called Islamic Calendar?", how would you inform me about its name? "

This is the problem with your method Damon. The QURAN DID NOT TEACH ARABIC but assumed that the Arabs KNEW the language. So I get the meaning of Ramadan from the same sources of the language that you are getting your 'grammar rules' from and spoken language.

Now of course you may not accept this. Why would you as I can imagine what is at stake for you!? But I would rather let the readers decide the erroneous, highly problematic method that you use.

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