by Amir Aslam, UAE, Wednesday, July 31, 2013, 18:58 (2124 days ago) @ Damon

Your comment: "What kind of silly question is that????"

How dare you ridicule and patronize me like that? Who do you think you are Damon? Keep to the topic or admit you haven't got a proper response when questioned.

"The Final Authority for Lexical Meanings and Grammar rests with The Quran and Quran Alone as it is the FIRST ever Arabic Document from which we ascertain Quranic Lexicon and Grammar."

Well then find me the meanings and grammar rules from the Quran alone? How do you find 'rules' of grammar and meanings from the Quran?

This is what I've said all along. The language of the Quran came before 'grammar books' were compiled. In that language, Ramazan has meant a month of the Islamic calendar. It is not me that is being silly but you are ridiculing me because you don't have a suitable response.

If the Quran followed 'grammar rules' then you would not get literature and sites which showed that the Quran does not always follow 'grammar rules' that were compiled afterwards.

I hope you NOW get it.

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