by Damon, Pennsylvania, USA, Thursday, August 01, 2013, 15:48 (2123 days ago) @ Amir Aslam

Salaam Everyone,

Although I don't have access to any Arabic Dictionaries which list Ramadan as a proper noun I did read two QURAN CONCORDANCES which DO list Ramadan as a proper noun. Perhaps it's just one of those things where some books will list Ramadan as a proper noun whereas others will not for whatever reason. I think it's something worth looking into a little deeper. Either way, I am relinquishing that request and argument as a Concordance is close enough to an actual dictionary to accept the entries in them.

Also, on a different note, Sister Laurie Hamdani, I am asking a favor from you. Can you forward my e-mail address to Brother Jawaid Ahmed Please? Can you let him know to get in touch with me ASAP; there is an urgent matter I would like to discuss with him.

Salaam Everyone,

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