Fasting in Pre-Islamic Arabia

by amirabbas, Iran, Sunday, August 04, 2013, 16:03 (2151 days ago) @ Damon

You said, "It's not easier to understand, it'd easier to accept and go along with. You are satisfied with the religious interpretations we get from the Mullahs and wish not to question the status quo and do some hard and thorough research to ascertain the validity or invalidity of these interpretations."

Dear Damon,

I, and many others, know that Islam and the Qur'an have been reduced to a man-made religion and a set of dogmas, rituals and false beliefs. We also shun away Mullahism and are willing to do research for acknowledging the truth and establishing the true Qur'anic messages and teachings.

You have suggested that, "Ramadaan is a state or condition in which someone or something is burning, on fire, bereaved with grief and suffering. Shahru Ramadaan is a state or condition that EVERYONE knows about because they are AFFECTED by this state/condition. It is something OUTSIDE of the people and yet it has a very dire effect on them and it is something that everyone knows about because since it is Shahr it means it is something that is apparent, well known, manifest, NOTORIOUS."

Further you said, "The significance is in the state or condition the people are in when The Quran is sent to them and THE SOLUTION(S) that The Quran offers the people to eliminate the condition in question. The Quran is to be implemented but in order to be implemented as it is intented to be it must be properly understood. So when those who strive to be Muttaqee are tired of the grief and sorrow and the anguish they seclude themselves for a certain period of time to devote themselves to the study of The Quran for the express goal of implementing it's values and principles in their respective societies and eliminate that which causes the burning anguish, sorrow and grief. The abstenence is abstaining for wrong doing, immoral deeds, evil doing, etc. It is these wrong doings, evil deeds, immoral behaviour that are the cause of the grief and anguish I spoke about and those who wish to live as Muttaqee are the ones who suffer the most from this because they seem to be outnumbered by those who glorify the immoral and evil behaviour."

Dear brother, out of the context, you are sounding right! I agree with what you are suggesting! But in the context, i understand something else from the Qur'anic verses. My understanding is that of QXP, Muhammad Assad, G. A. Parwez and other scholars.

And contrary to "salaat", which can be inspected in different places and contexts within the Qur'an, "ramadan" occurs only once. My reasoning goes that it's easier to understand "ramadan" as the name of a month rather than what you are suggesting! Because what you are saying can be very individual and plus, it cannot address the questions of those who cannot abstain or are on the journey. In addition, one can assert that its our everyday duty to abstain from the wrongs, immoral deeds, selfishness and etc.; it's our everyday task to study the Qur'an, teach the Qur'an, act upon the Qur'an. While upon a collective abstaining program in a month (RAMADAN) we can further practice and test ourselves, both physically and psychologically, for achieving the main purposes of the Qur'an.

Now, how can you prove that "Ramadan", in its Qur'anic context, is not the name of a specific month?

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