by amirabbas, Iran, Sunday, August 04, 2013, 16:33 (2121 days ago) @ Damon

Dear Damon,

with due respects brother, why don't you give your own interpretation/translation of the Qur'an so that we can fully review your views and understanding?

As a student, i am more inclined to accept those views of Dr. Shabbir Ahmed, Allama Muhammad Assad, and G. A. Parwez, than yours. They are great scholars and have tried to explain and translate the Qur'an and have written many other books which are great evidences to the truth. They might be wrong at some places, but, remember that G. A. Parwez and Dr. Shabbir, are among the prominent scholars in rejecting the man-made N2I Islam. We are just building upon what they have already done and try to increase ourselves in knowledge and understanding.

Humbly speaking, while we are considering your views and ponder upon them, you keep complicating the situation and at times, reject Dr. Shabbir and many other authors and their understanding! You are free to accept or reject other authors but please write your understanding in a book or an article too!

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