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with due respects brother, why don't you give your own interpretation/translation of the Qur'an so that we can fully review your views and understanding?

First things first; I've provided my personal Interpretation of The Quranic topic under discussion in ourbeacon in the thread posted below:

If there is anything you wish for me to elaborate on or something I did not touch on that you would like my understanding of then please let me know.

Secondly, I am not a translator and do not view translations favorably. Not because of any lack in translation ability (although I don't make any claims of translation ability either), but because I think people who say they are upholders of The Quran and wish to shape their individual and collective existence upon its constitution, then they should learn Arabic. Translations are okay for someone who has never read The Quran before and is reading it for the first time. But once a person attains Iman (conviction) in the ideology of The Quran and wishes to contribute in making its constitution widespread, accepted and established, then they would be better served in learning the language of this book. It doesn't matter if we wish to deny it, but the fact remains that we miss out on a whole lot and so much gets past us undetected when we don't know Arabic and rely on translations and opinions of those we deem to be scholars. 17:36 tells us that we are obligated to ascertain the validity or invalidity of information. It does not include a clause or exemption by saying Unless we show unwavering faith in the translations of information.

At the very least, if you feel you cannot devote the required time to reach an intermediate to advanced level in Arabic, then I would like to offer a suggestion which I think is helpful, valid, works quickly and is efficient. I suggest that one would at least learn The Grammar which will not take long at all. A couple of months to maybe 4 or 5 months. Then once you have come to grips with the grammar then procure as many Arabic Dictionaries and Lexicons you can possibly get your hands on and also procure a Word-for-Word Translation of The Quran. Armed with a word for word translation along with the dictionaries and your knowledge of grammar will allow you to examine and investigate any part of The Quran you wish. Although I no longer use my word for word translation, I will say that it was quite helpful to me a few years back when I was still at a certain level in grammatical and lingusitic know how, not that I am claiming that I have achieved perfection or expertise in any way. I cannot take credit for the word-for-word translation idea. I actually got the idea from Waqas.

Third of all, I don't remember if it was you or Dawood who had already made the resquest of me that I present my views and arguments on this topic in article form. Waqas had also made that suggestion to me a couple of years ago when I told him I started questioning the traditional understanding and had shared some thoughts with him. But I have started working on the article and was actually engaging in the discussion here to make sure I hear as many counterpoints to my stance as I can. I think this discussion has been very helpful and would be taking a leave of absence from posting here for a while until I am finished writing my article and shaping it the way I want it. Again, I wish to repeat that this discussion was very fruitful and I feel that I had learned quite a bit, not just from you but from the other posters who participated in this discussion. Thank You.

As a student, i am more inclined to accept those views of Dr. Shabbir Ahmed, Allama Muhammad Assad, and G. A. Parwez, than yours. They are great scholars and have tried to explain and translate the Qur'an and have written many other books which are great evidences to the truth. They might be wrong at some places, but, remember that G. A. Parwez and Dr. Shabbir, are among the prominent scholars in rejecting the man-made N2I Islam. We are just building upon what they have already done and try to increase ourselves in knowledge and understanding.

With all due respects, being the author of a whole library of books does not make a person a scholar, it makes them an Author who has written a decent amount of books. Also, we need to remind ourselves that the word "Scholar" is a relative term and depending on the tastes and sensitivities of the person you ask will determine who they tell you is a scholar and is not a scholar in their opinion. Also, while I appreciate the attempts of anyone in rejecting traditional Islam, we have to understand that all human beings are subject to mistakes and imperfections and it is my personal viewpoint that when a person still teaches, upholds and practices N2I Rituals then they have not completely rid themselves of N2I let alone truly reject it in full spirit. But I fully agree with you about building upon what good others have done and hopefully you and I can do some good that others will be able to build upon. It's a process.

Humbly speaking, while we are considering your views and ponder upon them, you keep complicating the situation and at times, reject Dr. Shabbir and many other authors and their understanding! You are free to accept or reject other authors but please write your understanding in a book or an article too!.

Brother, I am free to reject ANY AUTHOR if I do not agree with their understandings. I am not one who venerates Big Names nor do I engage in personality or hero worship. And I hope you are not suggesting that I should never reject Dr. Shabbir's understanding and accept what he says without question. I simply do not operate that way. I wish to remind you of 17:36 and 39:18 for that matter.

I hope you can all forgive me for my absence which will begin tomorrow. I have a lot of work to do.


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