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Salam brother Amirabbas,
you said "As a student, i am more inclined to accept those views of Dr. Shabbir Ahmed, Allama Muhammad Assad, and G. A. Parwez, than yours. They are great scholars and have tried to explain and translate the Qur'an and have written many other books which are great evidences to the truth. They might be wrong at some places, but, remember that G. A. Parwez and Dr. Shabbir, are among the prominent scholars in rejecting the man-made N2I Islam. We are just building upon what they have already done and try to increase ourselves in knowledge and understanding."

when you say "we", what do you mean?

Brother Amirabbass
Why are you idolizing some people? Why are you taking your Deen from them while Allah has sent down to us the Qur’an fully detailed? Brother, be he Dr Shabbir, Allama Assad, Parwez or whosoever, none of them have full authority of the understanding the Quran. They just translate the Quran the way they understand It and thus cannot impose their understanding on others. It is unfortunate that in Ourbeaconforum, only Dr Shabbir Quran translation is accepted, any other translation or point of view that differs from his is not accepted and immediately downgraded. Other islam scholar are also easily looked down. Just see how Dr Qamar Zaman and his work on Aqeeqat Soum have been downgraded with a pile of lies and hatred. I personally do not know QZ but feel that such an attitude does not fit someone like Dr Shabbir.

Brother Amirabbas, everyone wants to bring his/her own contribution to the understanding of Quran, but we can only follow the best of what they say that goes along with the Qur’an
39:17 For those who shun false ‘authorities’ (Taaghoot) and refrain from idol-worship in all forms, and turn to GOD ALONE, there is good news. So, announce the good news to My servants.
39:18 Those who listen to the Word, and follow the best of its application (in a given situation), such are the ones whom God has guided, and they are the ones endowed with insight.

I like very much brother Damon following lines from his post
With all due respects, being the author of a whole library of books does not make a person a scholar, it makes an Author who has written a decent amount of books. Also, we need to remind ourselves that the word "Scholar" is a relative term and depending on the tastes and sensitivities of the person you ask will determine who they tell you is a scholar and is not a scholar in their opinion
Brother, I am free to reject ANY AUTHOR if I do not agree with their understandings. I am not one who venerates Big Names nor do I engage in personality or hero worship. And I hope you are not suggesting that I should never reject Dr. Shabbir's understanding and accept what he says without question. I simply do not operate that way.
Congratulations brother Damon, I personally fully agree with you.

Brother Amirabbas, ponder very well on the following verse
17:36 And you shall not follow blindly any information of which you have no direct knowledge. (Using your faculties of perception and conception) you must verify it for yourself. In the Court of your Lord, you will be held accountable for your hearing, sight, and the faculty of reasoning.

On the day of judgment, some people will be denied Paradise because when GOD ALONE was invoked, they denied, but when others were included besides Him, they believed
40: 10-12 …………………It will be said to them, "This is your plight because when GOD ALONE was invoked you denied the Message, but when others (such as your ‘holy’ men) were included besides Him, you believed. But the Command belongs only to God, the Sublime, the Majestic.”


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