by jawaid ahmed,uk @, Tuesday, August 06, 2013, 07:35 (2115 days ago) @ Fadil

I am firmly sitting on the fence over the Saum issue. I can give a good account as to why abstinence includes not eating and drinking etc during daylight hours, but I can also understand where brother Damon is coming from at an intellectual level.

I am being told that I should get a dictionary and go through the Quran word for word in order to understand it. Do the same to an Allama Iqbal poem or any English writing poet and see what you get! The dictionary breaks the words down but the message is left to you to work out and that is why we need those individuals who have an intellectual understanding of the Quran, based on the Quran only approach.

I can read word by word that the rod of Moses turned into a snake, but I needed GA Parwez to show me that it meant the truth went forth effortlessly, overcoming the lies of the Egyptions. So I am left appreciating the man and his enormous understanding of the Quran which I will never achieve and that is why I look upon his work with due respect, knowing that what he said was backed by proper thought. Was he 100% right? No. Should I think further? Yes. But let us bear in mind that anyone can do dictionary gymnastics and come up with their own right or wrong understanding of the Quran.

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