the meaning of "al masjid al haram"

by Waqas ⌂ @, UK, Tuesday, August 06, 2013, 10:31 (2149 days ago)

peace all,

After a thorough study of the subject, here are my findings:

Conclusion from above article:
The Quranic evidence weighs the evidence in favour of SJD meaning "to submit/honour/pay respect", "masjid" meaning "time of SJD", "al masjid al haram" meaning "the inviolable time of SJD" (i.e. the term referring to the time-period/event of the inviolable months). This understanding provides a logical, coherent and practical answer throughout, and helps answer some of the most difficult questions in Quran exegesis (e.g. 17:1-8, 17:60, 2:142-150).

You will have to read the article to perhaps understand the conclusions.

Any feedback, especially corrections, welcome.

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