Location of "al masjid al haram"

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I will assume you have read the article I linked to.

1) Bakkaah=Makkaah or not?

What I consider the meaning of "makkah" to be is stated in the article, although it meaning Makkah (as in city of) is possible. I do not equate bakkah and makkah.

2) Pl let me know right location of Bakkaah & Makkaah according to
03:96 (bibakkat)
48:24 (makkata)

In my view, knowing the original locations of such places (if one takes those words as places) is not necessary, as The Quran clearly states in 3:96 "...the first house set-down for mankind..." implying there can be others. What Abraham did is given to us as an example, a blueprint/model, one which the messenger of Quran ultimately brought to fruition in the location he happened to be in.

3) Explain Hudallil Aalameen (03:96)

Means "guidance for the beings". If someone sets up a sanctuary of sorts under God's system, then that place/system/people can act as a guidance for others.

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