Location...as per QXP,Bakkah and Makkah are same !!

by Krishna Mehta, Ahmedabad., Sunday, August 11, 2013, 11:44 (2135 days ago) @ drsam

You wrote :
i dont agree that bakkah and makkah are same... because neither quran nor any other historical recod support this notion....
plus there is a valley of bakkah in palestine also... so the ibrahim built house of bakkah may be the one in palestine the jerusalem ...
Dear Dr Sohil Ahmad Momim (SAM)
1) At present you are translating QXP in Gujarati while you disagree with QXP :-)
Please read
QXP :2:125 :
Remember, We appointed the House a means to achieve unity among all
mankind, and thus, a source of peace and security. So,attain the stature of
Abraham recalling his firm stand (for Monotheism) and closely follow the
Divine Commands. We did take a Covenant from Abraham and Ishmael, “Keep
My House clean of all falsehood for those who rally around it and those who
strive hard for the noble objectives andthose who submit in humility to the
Divine Commands."
[Al-Bait = The House= Ka’bah = The Symbolic House of God in Makkah = The
meeting point for all mankind = The Source of peace, security and unity for all

2) Dr Shabbir Ahmed MD
Wrote :
The most authentic Qur'an confirms that the Symbolic House of God (BAITULLAH) was built by Prophet Abraham (a.s.) assisted by his son Ismail (a.s.). It is also a Symbol of Monotheism and a Center for the unity of mankind.
According to HISTORY OF ISLAM (Urdu) by Allama Aslam Jairajpuri, it was built around 1800 BC in the easy to build cubical shape. Although theArabic language was just beginning to take shape, the local Qahtani Tribe of Makkah that spoke a language precursor to Arabic named it Ka'bah.
Diverging reports onthe history of Ka'bah that it was built by Adam or by Noah (a.s) should bedisregarded on the authority of the Qur'an.
"Just as God is One, mankind is one", is a reported saying of the exalted Prophet Muhammad. Allah = RABBIL'AALAMEEN (Sustainer of the Worlds/all nations)= RABBINNAAS (Sustainer of Mankind) lend credibility to this saying.
10:19 All mankind were but one community (and aremeant to be so); then they differed. Had it not been for aWord that went forth from your Lord(the Law of Free will), He would havejudged their disputes immediately. [2:30, 2:213, 2:256, 11:118, 16:9, 76:2-3]
3:95 Say, “God has declared the truth. Follow, then, the Creed of Abraham, the upright who shunned all falsehood. He was not of those who choose authorities besides God.”
3:96 He erected the First House (Sanctuary) appointed for all mankind, at the blessed Bakkah. It isto serve as a beacon of light for all humanity (in order to regain their lost unity).
[2:125. Bakkah came to be known as Makkah later. In the ancient Arabic dialect b was interchangeable with m]http://www.ourbeacon.com/cgi-bin/bbs60x/webbbs_config.pl/md/read/id/314123119159391

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