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105:1-5 is in the Quran. Do you mean who or what is being referred to in these verses?

105:1 Are you not aware of how your Lord dealt with the Army of the Elephant?
105:2 Did He not bring their strategy to utter failure?
105:3 And sent upon them swarms of flying creatures.
105:4 Then you showered them with hard stones earmarked with requital. [Sijjeel = Inscribed = Marked out]
105:5 And made them like a field of grain eaten down to stubble.

We have one story relating to Abrahah:-

[An interesting footnote here might be appropriate. Three Arabs had guided Abrahah on his way to Makkah through the desert. The pre-Islamic Makkans humiliated the traitors and made out three statutes of them in today's plains of Mina outside Makkah. Then they used to stone those statues every year at the time of Pilgrimage. This ritual was 'Islamized' by Muslim historians naming them as three places where the 'Satan' tried to prompt Prophet Abraham to defy God's command to 'sacrifice' his son. And so, to this day during Pilgrimage, Muslims stone the three pillars calling them the Great, the Medium, and the Small Satan!]

One account says smallpox came to the Arabian lands following this incident with Abrahah; if Abrahah’s army brought smallpox with them then this accounts for the ‘earmarked stone’ marks on their faces and their deaths as a result of this disease. Birds being drawn to the bodies and these were seen by the Makkans who were alerted to the danger.
[I knew someone who had smallpox as a child, sadly he was not a pretty sight]

Another understanding comes from other verses of the Quran which describe the destruction of people from an earthquake which sent rocks and stones tumbling down upon them, and may be referring to the people of Petra. At Petra there are huge columns topped with elephant head carvings.
More research is needed.

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