Location...QXP is Not 100 % correct.

by jawaid ahmed,uk @, Tuesday, August 20, 2013, 14:42 (2104 days ago) @ Bahadur Thara

No translation of the Quran can be 100% correct because it is based on the intellect and understanding of the translator. Dr Shabbir has said that he corrected Allama GA Parwez sahebs exposition of the Quran at over 600 places, but he is the first to say that his is still undergoing development.

As explained elsewhere, QXI is an important translation as it seeks to explain what the Quran means rather than give a literal word for word translation of the Arabic. This means it does not sit well with the hadith based, ‘follow our ancestors’ understanding, even though they were only human beings, giving what their minds understood at that time.

If your reference is to another backward sect who reject any reasoned intellectual discussion on the Quran because everything is fixed by those same ancestors, then I see no reason to read it.

We all should start or continue to think about what we believe, bearing in mind that even the Arabic Quran requires intellect to understand it , and being Arabic speakers makes no difference, as the wahabi’s amply demonstrate.

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