as per QXP Kabah (makkah/mecca) was built by Pr. Abraham !!

by Jose Rizalino Sarmiento @, saudi arabia, Sunday, September 01, 2013, 20:31 (2092 days ago) @ Krishna Mehta

You sound so confident of your claims Mr. Krishna, but actually you're not so sharp..some details you have omitted or forgotten (?) to include in quoting 3:96..this verse speaks of BAYT not KA'BAH..and inside this BAYT (notice INSIDE) is the maqam Ibrahim..have you been to MAKKAH? if not just ask anyone who have been there: "where's the maqam Ibrahim?? " the answer surely, "it's a few meters outside the Ka'bah", now, do you notice the difference? or you choose to ignore?

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