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You wrote:
So Far’awn sent gatherers to the towns * ….. * 57 So, We evicted them out of gardens and springs * 58 And treasures and an honorable station *59 As such, We made the Children of Israel inherit it all. [Quran, 26:53-59]
Quran clearly states that the Children of Israel were eventually made successors in the same land in which Far’awn and his people lived, where they have gardens, springs, treasures and an honorable station.
Have you ever heard of Israelite king of the Egypt?

My reply:

26:53 In the meantime, Pharaoh sent couriers to the cities,
26:54 "This is a low contemptible gang.
26:55 Cetainly, they have enraged us.
26:56 And we are an army ready to repel any danger."
26:57 Then, We drove them (Pharaoh and his chiefs) out of the gardens and springs,
26:58 And treasures, lofty positions and beautiful estate. [Soon to be drowned in hateful pursuit of Moses and his followers]
26:59 Thus those things were taken away from them and We caused the Children of Israel to inherit the blessings.
[Instead of returning to Egypt they would rule the land including Sinai, Jordan, Palestine, Northern Arabian Peninsula until their zenith during the times of David and Solomon about 940 BC. 7:136:137, 20:76-80]

You wrote:
And We let the people who were weak inherit the east of the land and the west of it which We have blessed. And the good word of your Rabb was completed towards the Children of Israel for their patience; and We destroyed what Far‘awn and his people had wrought and what they had built. [Quran, 7:137]

MY reply:
7:137 We made the oppressed people inherit the east and the west of the land that We had blessed with abundant provision. The commands of your Lord were fulfilled for the Children of Israel to reward them for their steadfastness. Pharaoh and his people eventually met destruction for violating Our laws. And We levelled to the ground (the great works and fine buildings, temples, palaces, tombs, statues and stately) structures of all kinds that Pharaoh and his people had built with so much skill and pride. [The Children of Israel later inherited a sizeable and highly prosperous kingdom including Syria and Palestine under David and Solomon]

Wikipedia Ramesis II By the time of his death, aged about 90 years, Ramesses was suffering from severe dental problems and was plagued by arthritis and hardening of the arteries.He had made Egypt rich from all the supplies and riches he had collected from other empires. He had outlived many of his wives and children and left great memorials all over Egypt, especially to his beloved first queen Nefertiti. Nine more pharaohs took the name Ramesses in his honour, but none equalled his greatness.Nearly all of his subjects had been born during his reign. Ramesses II did become the legendary figure he so desperately wanted to be, but this was not enough to protect Egypt. New enemies were attacking the empire, which also suffered internal problems and could not last indefinitely. Less than 150 years after Ramesses died the Egyptian empire fell and the New Kingdom came to an end.

You wrote:
Quran states, in clear and undisputed terms, that Allah eventually destroyed what Far‘awn and his people had built, and what they had worked so hard to achieve and acquire. And yet, we can see the great Pyramids built by rulers of Egypt, still standing!

My reply:
They had an empire-that is gone.
They lived in palaces- now ruins.
They worshipped in vast temple complexes- not anymore.
What part of what they achieved is still in working order?

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