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by jawaid ahmed,uk @, Monday, September 09, 2013, 13:12 (2085 days ago) @ vazir

12:67 And he said, “O My sons! Do not enter the town all by one gate, but enter by different gates. Yet, I cannot avail you against the Divine laws. (So, handle all situations accordingly.) Rule and law-giving belongs to God alone. In Him I trust, and everyone must place trust in Him since the Divine laws never change."

Different gates could easily mean by different routes, from different directions and does not mean that the town had gates. Having said this, most ancient towns/cities had an area that could be closed off during times of danger when the citizens could lock themselves in behind gates. I see no reason why Egyptian cities did not have this facility, particularly when they were always at war.

The following shows the understanding that they were to enter a town/city, not a land as you have described. Where do you get the idea that any of us believe in a great wall of Egypt? No one I have read believes this and the town wall with gates is a perfectly sensible scenario:-

12:68 When they went, they entered the town as their father instructed. Jacob was quite right that even he (a Prophet of God) could not avail them against the Divine laws. It was a duty that he did (giving the correct advice to his sons), although it could not prevent what was to happen (with Benjamin 12:75-81). He was, by Our instruction, full of knowledge. But most people do not know.
12:69 When they met with Joseph, he brought his brother closer to him and said, "I am your brother, do not grieve about what they have been doing to us."

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