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What you are saying is that the Quran was revealed in or around the area of the Dead Sea and not Makkah and Medina.

Have you any proof that those in that area spoke the language of the Quran since it was revealed in Arabic to Arabs and not to Hebrew speakers who frequented the Dead Sea area?

You wrote

And Lūṭ was one of the messengers * When We saved him and all his family * Except an old woman who perished * Then, We destroyed the rest. * And indeed you (Plural) surely pass by their ruins in the morning; * And in the night. Do you (Plural) not comprehend? [37: 133 - 138].
You (Plural) - who are addressed here, People of Makkah or Traders of Makkah?

My reply
So all the people passed by the ruins? Have you seen the ruins at Petra? Is it feasible that the recipients of the Quran walked by them on their way to and from work?

You wrote
So when Our command came, We turned it (Lūṭ’s town) upside down, and We rained on it fiery clay projectiles * Marked from your Rabb, and it is not far from the Wicked. [11:82-83].
Wicked (Plural): Who are these people, Traders or disbelievers of Makkah?

My reply

There is a better understanding of verses 11:82-83 from the one you presented:-

11:82 And so, when Our command came to pass, We brought low the highly arrogant towns (Sodom and Gomorrah), and rained down upon them hard devastating rocks (from the volcano).
11:83 The stones were marked arrows from your Lord. His requital is never far from those who choose to do wrong.

It means any wicked person will be punished, not just the people of Lut or the Mushrik Arabs.

You wrote:-

Even if we assume that Qur'anic verse addressing TRADERS, consider the Ariel distance between Makkah and Dead Sea which is more than 1100 Kilometers. How frequently the traders of Makkah can travel by ruins on camel back? Can the expression "By day and by night" justify the frequency of travel by ruins of town of Lut AH?

MY reply
The meaning is by day and by night, not in the morning and in the night as you have written. I work day and night, which means I work long hours, not every hour of the day [24/7, no, 10 hours a day, yes.]

You wrote

It is amazing that we accuse traditional translators to insert words in bracket to justify their accepted notions and we do same to explain preconceived history.

My reply

Have you any evidence against the ‘traditional translators’ on this issue or is your understanding of the Quran clouding the scene?

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