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And he said: "My sons, do not enter from one gate, but enter from separate gates; and I cannot avail you anything against Allah, for the judgment is to Allah. In Him I place my trust, and in Him those who place their trust should trust." [Quran, 12:67]

Ya‘qūb (P) advised his children to enter Miṣr from different gates to avoid attention to them. The question is: Was Egypt surrounded by a wall that had several gates leading into it?

Erecting a wall with various gates is only possible in fortified towns (citadels), not around entire lands or geographical regions!

Are there any evidences exist to prove that Egypt was ever surrounded by wall like wall of china?

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Egypt has no fortifications or walls of sort in its entire history..the country was wide open. If there is, there should have been records of it.

I agree with you that Misr could mean any town which is heavily fortified, a citadel..do you know where you can find citadels? in present day Yemen..there's a place there, sorry I forgot its name, with walls made of bricks five feet thick and ten feet high!.. obviously a very likely candidate for Msr of the Qur'an.
And I may add, I have a strong feeling that the beloved prophet Muhammad was a Yemeni arab..and that the children of Israel did inherit the land from fir'awn and this land was none other than ancient Yemen. In fact there is a considerable population of Jews inhabiting Yemen..after the Arab-Israeli war, more than 50,000 jews migrated to what is now Palestine not because it is their original homeland, but more of financial reasons and the desire for a goodly life.

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