Location...as per QXP,Bakkah and Makkah are same !!

by Jose Rizalino Sarmiento @, saudi arabia, Thursday, September 19, 2013, 16:20 (2070 days ago) @ jawaid ahmed,uk

Salam bro Jawaid

You wrote:

Languages develop over time and there is good historical evidence for the change of Arabic words from B to the M. Hence Bakkah became Makkah

Well that's true languages do develop and change overtime but this is not the case with the arabic language. In fact in pre-Islamic era arabia there is a famous port in arabia felix called al Mukha and up to this day, it is still called al Mukha by the arabs and al Mocha by the West. Notice the M didn't metamorphosed to B. Furthermore, you seem to forget that God says there's no changing His words. If His word can be changed, then He lied?

you wrote:

3:96 (SA) In fact, he erected the first Sanctuary appointed for humankind at Bakkah (later known as Makkah) a blessed Beacon of guidance for all people.

you are twisting God's words bro

3:96. Inna awwala baytin wudia linnasi lalladhi bi bakkata mubarakan wa hudan lil alamin
The first house appointed for men was that at Bakka; full of blessing and of guidance for all kinds of being
3:97. Fihi ayatun bayyinatun maqamu ibrahima wa man dakhalahu kana aminan wa lillahi alannasi hijju al bayti mani istataa ilayhi sabila wa man kafara fa inna Allaha ghaniyyun ani al alamin

IN IT are Signs manifest the STATION OF ABRAHAM whoever ENTERS IT attains security; pilgrimage thereto is a duty men owe to God those who can afford the journey, but if any deny faith, God stands not in need of any of His creatures.

you wrote:
Have you any HISTORICAL FACTS that put the last Messenger in any other location other than what we know as present day Makkah or Medina?

THE QUR'AN STATES THAT THE PROPHET LIVED BY THE PLACE WHERE THEY WHERE ABLE TO PASS BY THE RUINS WHERE THE PREVIOUS PEOPLE OF PROPHET LOT LIVED. We now know that the people of prophet Lot was destroyed by a violent volcanic eruption. Are there any known dormant volcano in the environs of Makkah?
Makkah, for all you know, is not known in ancient times. A Greek geographer describes the place from north to south as Taima, followed by Iattripa (Yathrib), then another town, then Macoraba. Unfortunately it was years ago and I cannot remember now the website because then my mind's clouded with sunni beliefs. Now that I am able to jump out of the box, realization dawned upon me of the importance of such priceless piece of information. Islam, the Din given to us by God through His Messenger, is not the same as it was when the Prophet first proclaim the revelation from his mouth. Islam today comes from the mouths of corrupt ulamas greedy for power and position amongst the unsuspecting masses. God has given no authority to any of them, rather they crowned themselves with authority in the guise of obeying God and His messenger.

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