Where is Bakkah ?? (Jose Rizalino attn.plz.)

by Dr Linda., India., Friday, September 20, 2013, 16:12 (2104 days ago) @ joserizalinosarmiento

You are roofed under 100 % inaccuracy
Dear joserizalinosarmiento,

You haven’t specified a Single Evidence by means of Qur’an That attest the fiction that Makkah was not Formerly Bakkah !! After Scanning your Post the Peak Stun intruded on me that devoid of attending any testimony, you are empathizing with your Mind to yourself that you have Proved Socially that in earlier times Bakkah was not Makkah!!
It is also affirmed in the Book Namely QXP by Dr. Shabbir that into the epochs the Pronunciation of ‘B’ in Bakkah was changed to ‘M’ by the People and in that way it turned into Makkah !!
Till the instance you aren’t bright to Specify the locality of Bakkah, you have no Right to Proclaim that Makkah was not Formerly Bakkah for the reason that in upcoming Eras if any Chaotic Character Claim that the Personality Named ‘Isa’ in Qur’an is Not Jesus because There isn’t any Single text similar to the word Jesus in the Qur’an and the Same made-up anecdote would be used for Many other Prophets ??

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