Where is Bakkah ?? (Jose Rizalino attn.plz.)

by amirabbas, Iran, Saturday, September 21, 2013, 10:29 (2072 days ago) @ Dr Linda.

I think there's not point in such discussions! Of all the invaluable information in the Qur'an, are we choosing such details that sooner or later would come to certain light?

Now, we have implemented the Qur'an in our lives and societies and remain only to determine whether it was "Bakkah" or "Makkah"!

Regarding other historical data, we need to keep in mind that the Qur'an teaches us the reasons for the annihilation of previous communities so that we would focus on those reasons rather than the archeological details.

The archeological details can help us to verify the truth within the Qur'an and we have enough of structures from the previous communities that today are left for us as wonders and attractions.

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