Where is Bakkah ?? (Jose Rizalino attn.plz.)

by amirabbas, Iran, Wednesday, September 25, 2013, 10:14 (2068 days ago) @ Jose Rizalino Sarmiento

Dear Brother,

i find this argument from Wikipedia a good one: Most people believe they are synonyms, but to Muslim scholars there is a distinction: Bakkah refers to the Kaaba and the sacred site immediately surrounding it, while Mecca is the name of the city in which they are both located.

By the time prophet Abraham was building the sanctuary there was no "Makkah" as today or 1400 years ago. "Makkah" came to become a well-known city because of the "Ka'bah", the site that Abraham and his son built in a site that, at that time, was known as "Bakkah".

Now you say why at a place it was called "Bakkah" and not "Makkah"! My answer is that because the Qur'an cannot be a time-bound book! At the time when Abraham was building the sanctuary it was in a place known as "Bakkah" while at the time of the Prophet Muhammad "Makkah" has already been a well-known city thus calling it "Makkah"!

Regarding pilgrimage i think the whole concept of "Hajj" that is practiced today by numerous Muslims is not right and must be replaced with something more meaningful and useful for humanity. I don't believe in a simple and ritualistic pilgrimage.

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