Excerpts from "The Book of Destiny"

by Noman Waseem, Sunday, October 06, 2013, 21:07 (2058 days ago) @ amirabbas

I like to think of this concept of destiny in terms of determinism vs. agency. When God says he is witness to the eternal now, I interpret it by reasoning that since God has created both time and space, and He is fully cognizant of all His creation, then He stands witness to all of time and all of space.

If you are familiar with particle simulations in computers, these are deterministic in the sense that I can tell you exactly how the entire system will look like at any time in the future or past given any input of time. This is because the paths the particles take are well defined through some simple math functions of time.

The point being that if one subtracts humans (the agents) from this universe (the system), then you have a purely deterministic system the fate of which can, in theory at least, be summed up exactly through a very complex mathematical equation. The problem with (some) science today is that it takes this to an extreme by saying everything has a reductionist explanation. And so everything, including the actions of us humans, can be summed up in such an equation.

Of course, that's precisely where the Qur'an differs as it declares that Allah has granted us Humans a certain divine energy, which I interpret as agency. We are the exact opposite and counter balance to the deterministic universe around us. So unfortunate then to see people who think their lives are predetermined. They don't realize that thinking so wastes precisely the gift that Allah has given us and which distinguishes us from, well, rocks.

In light of such a perspective, it is quite astonishing to think that the entire sequence or flow of the universe is affected by each and every action we take. Each deliberate thought, word and action by each of us changes forever the deterministic "fate" of the universe. So in a very real, if limited, sense, God has given us the power to determine the direction of the universe. But this directing takes place within the laws of God of course, laws that decare, for instance, that all of us will return to Him regardless of which direction we choose for ourselves in life.


Here i past some of the lines i have selected from "The Book of Destiny" by G. A. Parwez:

Everything in the universe, with the exception of man, must- and does- obey the laws of nature… Therefore, every event in the universe takes place within the bounds of these laws.

It is known as ‘The Law of CAUSE And EFFECT’ in general, and ‘The Law of RESULT of Actions’ in particular reference to the human world, i.e., each and every act by man- even his thoughts- produces a result.

The whole universe is bound but man is not.

The basic difference between man and the rest of creation is that the universe is forced and bound to follow the laws of nature while man is not. He is free to choose- either to live by these or any other laws.

Man is free to choose the laws he wishes to live by; but the must bear the consequences of his choice. For instance, one is free to consume poison as well as sugar, but the natural effect of one cannot be replaced by that of the other. That is beyond man. This state of the Laws of Nature is applicable to man’s earthly life as well as the hereafter.

Man has not (and cannot) set standards to the universe.

Standards have been set to all things in the universe [by God].

A law is different from an order: law is based upon its consistency (if you do this that will ALWAYS happen). Order is a decision. A master issues a variety of orders to his servants… therefore orders are decisions which are subject to change.

But when an order (decision) become consistent (with no possibility of change), it becomes law (unchangeable decision). Allah’s decisions about the universe (standards and measures) are unchangeable.

Allah’s promises are nothing but His Laws and keeping promises means that the Laws are permanent and consistent.

Allah cannot contradict Himself (His Laws and Decisions!)

Allah makes Himself a reliable Allah that can be trusted and despite having power to break His Laws, He doesn’t.

Man is created responsible for all his actions which consequently bear results. The entire system of Reward and Punishment rests on man’s being responsible for his actions. Responsibility has to come from freedom of choice.

You are free to do whatever you wish but not free to alter the natural result of that action. You can’t follow path A and expect to end up at the other end of path B. Every action has a set reaction.

"Taqdeer" is Nature’s law which becomes functional according to the action taken by Man.

Thus, permanent values work on man’s personality just as physical laws do on his body. The law of cause and effect in both domains are natural and divine.

Permanent values came to man through Divine Revelation.

Your destiny is what you do!

Chance is nothing but lack of knowledge!

It has been stated that, according to the Law of Returns, the time gap between ac action and the manifestation of its result is a period of respite termed as "ajal" in the Qur’an.

The waiting period (respite) between a human action and its result really comprises of transitory phases unobservable by man. He can only notice the destination of an event and not the transitory phases.

Our actions are unnoticeably moving towards their destination.

Absolute Good and Evil standard i.e., good is which develops and integrates the human personality; and evil is that disintegrates and damages it, since the human personality is non-physical.

The standard of Good and Evil for the human personality, therefore is the Permanent Values (Morality).

‘Conscience’ is just the code of behavior learnt during early years of a child. It varies from one society to another, one time to another.

Men cannot sometimes see the truth because material benefits are readily achievable and the Good takes a while in materializing; such men are hasty.

Clash with evil brings out the good in man. This is known as the development of the self (personality).

Man is free to choose one of the two paths but is not free to choose the destination (result).

Man is free to choose his action but is not free to change the natural consequences of that action.

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