Where Prophet Muhammad (P) lived?

by amirabbas, Iran, Friday, October 11, 2013, 13:08 (2053 days ago) @ vazir

"The Question is: How far a woman can travel, while carrying her infant son in her arms and equipped with a single water skin? Is it 5-20 kilometers or 1,200 kilometers?"

For a long time humans have been traveling long distances. They came out of Africa and went to places as far as Eastern Asia, South America, North America, and Siberia.

And Hagar must have been traveling with caravans as it is not wise that a Prophet would send a woman and her infant boy on their own to such dangerous journey.

"The question here is: What on Earth does the era of the Chaldeans have to do with the life of Ibraheem?"

I think the verses you mentioned are naming a place and not a dynasty or era as you have suggested!

Names of the places and cities may change over time. By the time the Genesis was being written that place was known with the name Ur-Chaldeans or maybe it is an ancient name.

If you refute these historical theories (or stories) then give us a better theory.

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