Location...QXP is 100 % correct?

by Syed Ijlal Hussain ⌂ @, Karachi - Pakistan, Friday, October 11, 2013, 19:53 (2052 days ago) @ Adv. AbdusSamad

Respected Sister,

1) QXP and other 49 (a) are Qur'an Expositions, not Translations !!
In English, Only two following Qur'an Translations exist till date :-
a) Word By Word
b) Word To Word
2) All 50 Qur'an Expositions (c) contains Author's personal understanding which are not present in Arabic text e.g. Yemen's Viceroy Abrahah History. (QXP:105:01-05)

a) http://corpus.quran.com/wordbyword.jsp?chapter=1&verse=1

b) http://islamicstudies.info/wordtranslation.php

C) http://www.islamawakened.com/Quran/

QXP is a human effort and no human effort at translating The Word of Allah can be 100% correct. I, however, find it much better than the traditional translations.

I opened the above links and found no difference between the 'word by word' and 'word to word' translations to the traditional translations, as far as Al-Fatiha is concerned. They all convey the same meaning I learned as a child.

Sadly, there is as much division among the Quranists, as there is among the traditionalists. This world has become a lonely place once again.

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