Where Prophet Muhammad (P) lived?

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Does the mention of name of known place in Qur'an is sufficient condition to prove that it is the same place?

Here are name of two places similar to names mentioned in Qur'an:

Title: Archeologists Find Statue of Ancient Yemeni Queen
Report featured in: Saba’ News Network
March 18, 2009 – Dhamar, Yemen

A Yemeni archaeologist team has discovered a mosaic statue of a woman sitting on a throne, her chest engraved with Musnad letters. The archaeologists also found other relics including a stone slab with religious symbols engraved on it.

“Two bulls separated by a tree were carved on slab, a symbol that was known as the Tree of Life in ancient Yemeni civilization”, stated director of the authority 'Ali al Sanabāni. Other symbols, notably a crescent moon, were imprinted on the relics.
The discoveries were revealed during excavations at a site in Dhamār province where the team found buildings that were used to give sacrifices. Al-Sanabani suspected the site to be a vestige of the Yatrib city of the Sheban civilization.

Source: http://www.thaindian.com/newsportal/health/archaeologists-find-statue-of-ancient-yemeni...

An excerpt from the archives of the Marib Press, on March 18, 2009.

The Governor of the Dhamār Province, Yaḥia Ali al-'Omari visited the excavation site, which is located within the 'Ans prefecture, and examined the important findings made by the archeological team. Al-'Omari, accompanied by his depute 'Abdul-Kareem Aḥmad Dha'fān, heard the testimony made by the Director General of the Committee of Museums and Manuscripts, 'Ali al Sanabāni, concerning the discovery. Al-Sanabāni explained the importance of the find, and stated that the preliminary results of the excavation showed the site to be one of the vestiges of the ancient city of Yatrib, whose name appears in Inscription 77 that was mentioned by historian Muṭhir al-Aryāni.

The Governor paid tribute to the efforts that were made by the archeological team, as well as the cooperation of the residents of the area, which contributed to the success of the dig. Al-„Omari stressed the importance of continuing the excavation works in the area, and the necessity of preserving and documenting the works done.

Source: http://marebpress.net/news_details.php?sid=15634

Do you know there is another Badr in Najaran Province, KSA?

original name: Badr
geographical location: Najran, Saudi Arabia, Asia
geographical coordinates: 17° 53' 6" North, 43° 42' 21" East

http://www.maplandia.com/saudi-arabia/najran/badr/ (Zoom Out the Map)
http://www.satellitecitymaps.com/asia-map/saudi-arabia-map/najran-province-map/badr-map/ (Zoom Out the Map)

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