The “Miṣr” of Yūsuf AH

by jawaid ahmed,uk @, Monday, October 21, 2013, 08:22 (2038 days ago) @ vazir

I could not let this pass without comment.

Anyone familiar with history knows that the waters of the Nile have dried up on numerous occasions and one such event in ancient times turned prosperous settlements along its tributaries into ghost towns.

The Nile is fed from RAIN water and as the source of the Nile RAIN water is the most important element and without it the Nile would cease to exist. When the rains fail, the Nile dries up, crops fail. The Author of the Quran knows this but we are to believe a Zionist Christian who cannot accept the Quran as the Word of God.

If the Quran had not mentioned rain, they would have ridiculed it for not knowing where the water came from!

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