48:24...Location for Qur’an & Exalted Prophet (S) !!

by waqas ⌂ @, uk, Thursday, October 24, 2013, 11:57 (2070 days ago) @ Laurie Hamdani


Some have said the Arabic word "makkah" could be a common noun, not a proper noun, as such a word has meanings that fit the context, one of which is "crowding". Please see classical arabic dictionaries, e.g.


= Miim-Kaf-Kaf = Sucking, Sucking up, Absorbing, drinking up, Destruction/Destroying, diminishing, diminution/failing; failure, to cast, to throw away, to discard, to straighten/tighten or impede/restrict, to beseech/ask/accept, crowding, competition (izdihaam). Makkah (city of).

makkah n.f. 48:24

Source: http://www.studyquran.org/resources/makkah.pdf

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