the meaning of sabih - part 2

by jawaid ahmed @, Thursday, June 19, 2014, 14:39 (1801 days ago) @ Waqas

sabh means to strive hardest for achieving something; to strive the maximum; to make continuous effort

sabih means to make haste in God’s obedience

subhan Allah means to go towards God with speed and to remain steadfast in His obedience

tasbeeh, according to the Qur’an means to fully observe the laws of God with complete participation;

tasbeeh also means intensity, strength, and to engage in implementing God’s laws with speed.

The Qur’an says about the heavenly bodies: kullun fi falakin yasbihoon 36:40 they are all moving in their orbits

About birds it is said: kullun qad alema salatahu wa tasbeeh: 24:41 each one of them knows his way in the air; although there are no landmarks; or each one knows how to go about it its business or each one is aware of its limits and the way it has to make a living

sabbaha lillahi ma fis samaati wal ard: 57:1 whatever is in the universe is engaged in ferociously in carrying out the program designated by God’s laws; the things in the universe are instinctively tuned towards carrying out their programs;


It has been said to the momineen: sabbihuhu bukrataw wa aseela: 33:42 you be engaged in completing this program day and night; but what is this program? About it is said: fasabbih bismi rabbikal azeem: 56:96 to be busy in implementing God’s laws, on which the entire universe hinges, in this human society; the struggle against the forces which create hurdles in this program is also called ‘zikr and tasbeeh’


30:17 you have to be engaged evening and morning in the duties fixed for you by God;

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