the meaning of sabih - part 2

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I tend to look at key verses which allow me to understand other verses without delving into the “perhaps, could be hyperbole, implying, let us assume, could be, it is likely, appreciates the point”.

My facts:-

24.41Alam tara anna Allaha YUSABBIHU lahu man fee ALSSAMAWATI waal-ardi waalttayru saffatin kullun qad AAalima SALATAHU waTASBEEHAHu waAllahu AAaleemun bima yafAAaloona
24.41. Seest thou not that it is Allah Whose praises all beings in the heavens and on earth do celebrate, and the birds (of the air) with wings outspread? Each one knows its own (mode of) prayer and praise. And Allah knows well all that they do.
24.42. Yea, to Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth; and to Allah is the final goal (of all).
24.43. Seest thou not that Allah makes the clouds move gently, then joins them together, then makes them into a heap? - then wilt thou see rain issue forth from their midst. And He sends down from the sky mountain masses (of clouds) wherein is hail: He strikes therewith whom He pleases and He turns it away from whom He pleases, the vivid flash of His lightning well-nigh blinds the sight.
24.44. It is Allah Who alternates the Night and the Day: verily in these things is an instructive example for those who have vision!

Four words in a verse that our ancestors have turned into praising, singing, praying, bead counting, name repeating rituals for us instead of their real meaning which can be applied to the birds and the bees but not to us! You hit the nail on the head with one passage from your article:-

“Birds with wings outspread is given as an example of SBH that can be seen. The obvious question to reflect upon is what makes this an example of SBH? It seems to me the bird is simply utilising how it is designed, in unison with the laws of nature, in order to function or achieve its desired result. This majestic expression of innate design harnessing the laws of nature could be regarded as SBH (as it glorifies The Creator of such design and laws). The same could apply to humans as mentioned in 24:41, thus explain the usage.”

Why “could”? It is equally applicable to humans this understanding. We have to do everything in accordance with Divine and natural law [Allah Created natural law]. To go against nature results in harm, for example global warming, poisonous pesticides that affect our bodies, radiation poisoning, even getting our fingers burnt. Everything in the heavens does this because they cannot overridetheir ‘programming’, their instinct, their DNA. When they die, there is no ‘judgement’ upon them because they did what they were supposed to do.

We are sometimes capable of ‘thought’, thinking outside our programming that lets us do what we want within the limits of our capabilities. So we need an extrinsic source to allow us get past our ‘judgement’. To get there, we need to do it properly so I do Tasbeeh/sabiha from Sabah which means I strive hard, apply myself to the mission of implementing the Quranic principles in everything I do which is my Salaat, acting on God’s laws in every segment of life. This is done with Sajdah , complete submission, with willful obedience, utter humility and utmost commitment to Divine cause, humbling my own self, not acting arrogantly, with no false pride.

You might like:-

57.1. Whatever is in the heavens and on earth, let it declare the Praises and Glory of Allah, for He is the Exalted in Might, the Wise.

But I prefer:-

57:1 All things in the heavens and earth are working relentlessly to fulfill the Divine Plan. He is the Almighty, the Wise.

So must we!

56:96 Strive, then, to glorify the Name of your Lord Supreme. [Follow His commands to manifest His glory on earth as it is in the heavens]

Any other interpretation involves a choir of angels singing songs of praise to God in heaven, as the Christians believe! Not my cup of tea.

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