Coming of Messengers

by jawaid ahmed,uk @, Tuesday, November 18, 2014, 16:18 (1680 days ago) @ Ahsan Sarosh

Whenever Allah sends Messenger's we are obliged to follow them, that is the commandment of the verse you quoted. Why would Allah need to send another Messenger after He has already sent one? The message He gave became corrupted/lost. The sending of a Messenger is solely for giving His Message. When we have His Message and He said it was preserved for all time in the Quran, this means it will be preserved for all time AND THERE IS NO NEED TO SEND ANOTHER MESSENGER. The job is done, the Last Messenger's message is now complete and fully detailed for those who think.

"How do we recognise a new messenger" is now a redundant question except for those who do not want to think or follow the Quran. What will this new messenger do? Bring a duplicate Quran?

A person who claims to be a Rasul and not a messenger is just corrupting this word since to be a rasul you need to have received a message from Allah, so one depends upon the other and no Messenger was just a Mesenger and no rasul was just a rasul.

For me to pass on the message of the Quran does not make me a rasul, it makes me a scholar, so do not be fooled by this response either.

Jesus is coming back or came back 100 years ago is unQuranic so this is no answer either.

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