Salaat is a concept that the Quran introduced to the humanity over 1400 years ago that, if established correctly, it creates an environment for each individual to realize his/her true potential and achieve self-actualization.

The truth and hope that is embedded in every verse of the Quran is for the humans to read, consider, and ponder. Each human is asked to study and reflect on the messages of the Quran continually to achieve the belief both conceptually and perpetually.

The Quran exposes the wretchedness of the societies that relied on the practices and traditions of their forefathers. These societies trampled on the rights of humans because they believed that they had historical mandate to do so. Messengers like Noah, Abraham, Hud, Saaleh, Lot, Shoaib, Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed refuted and opposed the prevailing traditions and began to speak about equality of humans and an urgent need to establish an order based on the divine universal truths that are operating ceaselessly.

For over 1200 years now, the wheels have started to come off the revolution brought about by prophet Mohammed. Today muslims are de facto violators of the universal truths and recipients of contempt from all quarters. All this in spite of possessing the ultimate treasure about the universal truths - The Quran.

This forum is dedicated to unleashing the wisdom - LIGHT UPON LIGHT - in the Quran by sharing and discussing the messages of the Quran. This forum is for all humanity. No one is discriminated against based on their intellectuality, sex, race, nationality, or religion.

24:35 God is the Light of the heavens and earth. The example of His Light (the Qur’an) is that of a lamp that is placed inside a niche enclosed in glass that shines like a radiant star. This lamp is kindled from a blessed tree - olive - neither of the East nor of the West. Its light issues forth in all directions. The oil glows by itself even though no fire has touched it. LIGHT UPON LIGHT. God guides to His Light anyone who seeks guidance. And God sets forth allegories for mankind. God is Knower of all things. [God being Light = Life-giving, sustaining and guiding Power of the Universe. And Qur’an is the Light of God. 5:15, 20:51, 41:42, 42:52] | design and hosted by Beach Life Marketing Inc