by Laurie Hamdani @, Chicago, Friday, July 20, 2012, 12:00 (2496 days ago)

Happy Ramadan to all!

My heartfelt wish for all is that in this month we reconnect with Allah's most gracious guidance to us so that we may progress in self and community development and alleviate oppression and spread goodness wherever we can. Let our hearts and minds be receptive.

Salaam and thank you.

Ramadan : Divine Gym

by Hasan @, Mumbai India, Thursday, July 26, 2012, 20:22 (2490 days ago) @ Laurie Hamdani

One Rozdaar is all alone in his home, nobody notices him then too he avoids eating & drinking becausehe fears that ALLAH is monitoring him hence in order to build up this fear of ALLAH in all beings, which will be awaken before committing sin, ALLAH have allotted a 30 day Divine program...
Month of Rama’zaan is like a Divine Gym, if the person one who fasts doesn’t realize the hunger and thirst, Value of food and water, the sins from which he save himself during fast and doesn’t save himselffrom the same after fast, In a Gym if there is no effect in one’s body after completion of course also, it’s the fault of the person himself and not of Gym’s...
Same way, if Rozdaar doesn’t get Taqwa it’s the fault of Rozdaar himself and not of Ramazaan...

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