a simple observation on alleged code 19 in Quran

by Waqas ⌂ @, UK, Tuesday, December 03, 2013, 21:10 (1995 days ago)

peace all,

It is claimed that in Quran 75:30 "Upon it is nineteen" the "it" refers to Quran, but the Arabic for "it" is "ha" which is feminine, and the word "quran" as used in Quran itself is ALWAYS masculine. Thus the "it" cannot refer to Quran, it more correctly points to "saqar" in the verse which is a feminine.

My two favourite threads on code19:

a simple observation on alleged code 19 in Quran

by jawaid ahmed,uk @, Friday, December 06, 2013, 17:20 (1992 days ago) @ Waqas

While going through the links you provided I found that those who believe in the 19 code do so despite all the evidence to the contrary; indoctrination and blind belief. If it can be shown that a theory is proved false by a correct understanding of the Quran, be it male and female word forms, or anything else, then whatever coincidental letter or number combinations that occur to make 19 are useless and proves nothing.

a simple observation on alleged code 19 in Quran

by amirabbas, Iran, Monday, December 09, 2013, 11:02 (1989 days ago) @ Waqas

In my opinion, the question is not whether the Qur'an is based upon a miraculous mathematical structure or otherwise. The problems is "mathematics" itself.

We can draw many theories and conclusions from mathematics. We can play with numbers in many ways.

We cannot comprehend all the reality and the math that exist in the Universe.

It might be that the Qur'an, like anything else in nature, is based upon pure mathematical structures. But applying the mathematics to prove the authenticity of the Qur'an is futile and will lead to confusion.

We study gravity through mathematics because it is not speaking with us in any other way. The Qur'an is clearly speaking to us in a language that many people can understand and interpret.

Code 19 is not helping us understand the Qur'an better.

We should also remember that mysteries keep us interested. So, it is better to keep "74:30 Over it are nineteen." a mystery and open to diverse interpretations.

Why does everybody want to explain everything?

a simple observation on alleged code 19 in Quran

by jawaid ahmed,uk @, Tuesday, December 10, 2013, 08:51 (1988 days ago) @ amirabbas

To think is to be human. We are inquisitive beings who want to ‘name’ everything, explain everything because we want to understand everything. But understanding should be based on what can be proved and to accept something as 100% fact when there are so many problems is akin to mysticism; I believe because it is absurd!

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