Hatred against Disbelievers: A Reputed Myth!

by Sheikh Muhammad Farjad ⌂ @, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan., Monday, June 02, 2014, 09:16 (1840 days ago)

“Hatred! Hatred!Hatred! – That’s the thing, which Islam teaches against disbelievers!”- That’s the claim, made by disbelievers. That claim has become more reputed since our brothers and sisters started to propagate that base-less assumption all over the world.That assumption is also being taught in schools, colleges, universities and Madrasahs. Instead of teaching hatred against evil, we are taught to hate other nations: Irrespective of the fact whether those nations are good or bad.

There may be three reasons behind that propaganda:

1. Enthusiasm

2. Bigotry

3. Lack of Qur’anic Understanding

Does Qur’an really teach Hatred?

Mostly ex-Muslims and other critics of Islam quote verses from Chapter 9(Al Tawbaa) in order to support their baseless propaganda. But, they quote verses out of context. While in the starting of that chapter, it is being told about dealing with pagans, who violated the peace treaty.

God’s law is of justice (16:90). He commands believers to be Just whether it comes to their own family or friends (4:136, 6:152)

" GOD advocates justice, charity, and regarding the relatives. And He forbids evil, vice, and transgression. He enlightens you, that you may take heed.( Al Qur’an 16:90)"

As long as, the matter is concerned with disbelievers then it must be kept in mind that two kinds of disbelievers are mentioned in Qur’an:

1. Who don’t tease and evict believers because of their belief on Islam

2. Who tease and evict believers because of their belief on Islam

Let’s see which kind of disbelievers isn’t allowed to be befriended:

"God does not forbid you from being kind, and fully equitable to those who do not fight you on account of Religion, and do not evict you from your homelands. God loves those who lead a just, balanced life. God forbids you from befriending only those who fight you on account of Religion and evict you from your homelands, or help others in evicting you. Those who befriend them, will be wrongdoers.(Al Qur’an 60:8-9"

By viewing above verses, it is cleared therefore that which type of disbelievers is not allowed to be befriended. Now, it’s your decision to live in a fanatical world or to choose truth…


جاء الحق وزهق البطل ان البطل كان زهوقا ..

“…the truth has come to light, and falsehood has withered away. For, falsehood is bound to wither away.”

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